The Jobs Mandate
published 11/18/12
We the people want jobs.

All it takes for us to have them is for you, our elected leaders.

Then please read the following.

I am placing a $10,000.00 bet against the top 1,000 political and economic elites in this
country that I have a better plan to fix the economy and create millions of jobs and do it
revenue neutral than you do and end the conjectures and negotiations between the
"economists"  the Congress and The White House.

Give me three things we currently throw away and I'll fix the economy. Starting now, today.

Three things that I want put on the public table are,

a.   People, the unemployed. Give me a list of people in each State on public assistance and
I'll offer them these jobs.

B. The houses we demolish every year. Each jurisdiction sends to this website some
pictures and locations of all houses they want gone and we'll come get them.

C.   The money we waste, misappropriate and throw away every year.

Consider the cost of the homeless the unemployed the formally incarcerated. They are now
getting tax money for unemployment, food stamps, heating assistance and who knows what
else. It's said by some that after a while they can't be re-employed because they have been
out of work for too long. I'll hire them. Get them off public assistance and give each
homeless person a salary, training and a job.

This is just what The President asked for and what we people need.

Right away the debt starts slowing down and taxes start coming in. I'll hire people at $15.00
and hour, teach them the residential construction trades and give most of them a mortgage
free house. So for each $25,000.00 I can talk you guys out of wasting by this government I'll
pay a persons salary for 1 year.

We demolish over 300,000 houses a year, I am asking for all of them.

Mr. President please write a letter to all Governors asking their jurisdictions to stop issuing
demolition permits and instead send the info about the houses to this website.

If the median  house is worth $200,000.00 and you multiply that times the 300,000 houses
we will potentially can recycyle every year then we add $60,000,000,000 (Billion) to the GDP
and house 300,000 homeless families.

An average house demolition costs about  $7,500.00 and if we multiply that by the 300,000
houses we demolish that adds up to $2,250,000,000.00. Yes, that's 2 and 1/4 Billion dollars
of tax money we use to throw away houses in a country where we have hundreds of
thousands of homeless families. Doesn't make sense to me. Put that 2 1/4 Billion on the
table and I'll employ 100,000 people for a year.

Bonus;  I'll put solar panels on every one of those houses and encourage a hybrid or an
electric car in each driveway.

Anyone have any complaints about paying 2% more as long as it employs people and it's tax
deductible?  I think just giving that money back to Congress is a terrible idea.

I hear Warren Buffett and the patriotic millionaires want to pay more taxes, instead, may I
suggest they send that money here and take a right off while creating jobs for others.

I hear there is a waste book now out of Congress. Use that money to create more jobs.

I hear we still subsidize oil and coal companies. Take that money and use it to create these

We Americans are clever bastards so why not help us work our way out of this mess?

All financial transactions will be posted in public on this website, including wages.

The $10,000.00 bet is real.

I'll put up my $10,000.00 against one thousand of our top media, economic and political
people who in turn puts up their own $10,000.00 and if you lose I'll create 400  jobs for a year
with that $10 Million. If  I lose I'll donate my $10,000.00 to a charity of your choosing..

Bet Conditions;
Jobs have to start immediately, be environmentally helpful, be revenue neutral, reduces the
national debt, gets people off public assistance, houses the homeless, and non

To help please tweet The President at @barackobama and ask him to read this site.
You'll be helping him (and us) do what we wants to do.

Want to talk? Take me up on the bet? Call or email me.

Sincerely Yours,

Tom Canavan